Garvin Sec 32-4N-3W

Does anyone have any info on the activity for Garvin Sec 32-4N-3W? Getting some offers and as I understand it, Casillas is getting ready to drill. Would appreciate any insight. Thanks!!

Yes, Casillas has three more wells planned for section 29/32. You should have received the case mailings if you are a mineral owner and your name and address are properly filed at the county courthouse. Sierra wells

Our royalty is in 29 4n 3w and our step dad owns in 32. We have been receiving checks on Serria number one since they started. We have not received this information about these new 3 wells yet. Did receive a notice about increased density last year sometime. I’m sure they have our address etc. as we have lived in the same place for 43 years now. I might add that Casillas has never paid us any interest for the first well although they were about a year and a half late with our first check. (have sent 2 or 3 certified letters asking for this interest. We received the signature cards back so know they received them). Don’t guess there is anything else we can do.

Casillas turned over the owner relations to 89 Energy. I am not exactly sure their relationship with Casillas but they are not always the easiest to get a hold of. If you haven’t done so already maybe try them as well.

Thank you Martha. I am curious to the timing for these wells. The group offering to purchase my interest was claiming there is a limited number of rigs and drilling would not commence for some time. Seemed like a sales tactic. Thanks for your input.

I get letters all the time from buyers. Usually right after an increased density case is posted and especially if the multi-unit horizontal cases are posted. I put them in my file. We like to hang onto our minerals, so far…

Good Afternoon M Barnes, I am in need of a professional review of minerals owned in Garvin County OK, Sec 29 04N 03W. Do you provide personal analysis and if so what is your hourly rate? I have a completed run sheet and a copy of the old lease that is currently holding the property by production, very small production, as well as a list of active wells for the area.

Thank You Connie G.

I do not do engineering analyses. There are several appraisers in the Directories tab above or you can contact the National Appraisers organization. You can also look up petroleum engineering firms in OKC and see if they do that sort of analysis.

Thank You M. Barnes for the information!

I received an interest payment in April of this year. It was from a settlement of a class action Michael Kernen v. Casillas Operating, LLC. The first notice from JDN Legal Administration was in September 2021.

I had forgotten that we received a letter or two about the hearing for the increased density for our minerals in 29 4n 3w being delayed due to repairs or remodeling being done to the building where the hearing was to take place. My husband reminded me of the one we got last week was the 2nd or 3rd delay on the hearing. Now, it is set for some time in Oct. So guess we just have to have patients.

That’s patience not patients! lol

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They moved into a new building and we are waiting for the chaos to diminish…

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Ms. Barnes - do you have any general idea on what a company purchasing minerals / interests expects to make on their investment? Is there a general expectation such as they hope to make 5 X (just an example) on their offering price per acre? Any of your insight or perspective would be greatly appreciated.

It depends upon the company. Some like to make a certain amount within two-five years and others are in it for the long run. Depends upon if they want to flip or hold on.

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