Garvin County, Sections 21 and 28, 4N-3W

I own some mineral rights in Sec. 28 in 4N-3W. As some of you know, Section 28 and Section 21 have been the subject of an ongoing drilling permit request for the past year. I have learned these delays have been caused primarily by a running battle between Rimrock, Triad and Sheridan to see who gets to drill a well in each section. I think it is high time the OCC granted one of these operators a drilling permit. I have heard that Sheridan has dropped out, leaving Rimrock and Triad still sparring. The next hearing before the OCC will be in Tulsa on May 20th. I think some telephone calls from royalty owners just might move this project off high center and get things moving. Has anyone else been thru such an experience with these operators and what did you find that worked best, if anything? If we make telephone calls, which of the parties should be called? Or, is writing a letter a more effective way to do it?

You might ask your attorney if calling the OCC is an appropriate method of influencing the outcome of the hearing, as opposed to appearing at the hearing, entering your appearance, and voicing your concerns on the record.

Probably won’t speed up the process.

Thanks, Frank. I’ve been thinking about driving over to Tulsa on the 20th. I understand you have to be prepared to be there for the whole day, since they don’t know the time a particular case will be heard.

J Paul-just a guess, but if Rimrock and Triad have been fighting for operations it is not likely the cause will be heard on the initial/continued docket May 20 which is a Monday. Protested cases are heard on Wednesdays through Fridays. It would be wise to call one of the attorneys involved to find out if they intend to continue the case to the protested docket.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will do that.

J_Paul…My husband and I went out in the Hughes Community and looked at the location in section 29 which was build for the pad for this future well but there has still been no action out there since we first went out there several months ago. They have built a very nice large location and finished it including gravel top with nice road into the location but no rig has been moved in there. Guess it is still up in the air as to who will drill it. Sorry I don’t have better news for you.

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Thanks, Linda. I hope the upcoming May 20th hearing before the OCC surprises us all and is the one that gets something done.

Your welcome! Our little bit of minerals in Garvin Co. are in Section 29 4n 3w where the new Sierra well was drilled from the pad on section 32 by Casillas. I believe we should get our first check around May. I was wondering if anyone knows what kind of well it made. I feel like it was probably good because they set 5 large tanks but I really haven’t heard. Anyone know? Would appreciate any info.!

Hey Linda, no OCC completion report on the Sierra yet.

Two months of production for the Sierra are listed on the OK tax site. Gross Production

M…I don’t what I need to do to access that info. I put in the section, township and range after I put in Garvin Co. and got nothing. Can you tell me what it says? Thanks

February 5 33135 WOODFORD EXPRESS LLC 23439
2019 February 6 0 WOODFORD EXPRESS LLC 23439
2019 January 5 66436 WOODFORD EXPRESS LLC 23439
2019 January 6 0 WOODFORD EXPRESS LLC 23439
2018 December 5 17629 WOODFORD EXPRESS LLC 23439
2018 December 6 0 WOODFORD EXPRESS LLC 23439

Thanks Todd…so is it saying it only produced Natural Gas and no oil?


No oil reported yet, but that may just be an administrative glitch. Time will tell.

Does this include Sec 21 block c17?

John19- There are no “block c17”'s in Oklahoma. Can you be more specific?

Todd M. Baker

Thanks Todd…it was reported as an “oil” well so I was surprised when they only reported gas. Hopefully you are right that we might hear of some oil later.

Can anyone tell me if there has been an updated report on production on sections 21 and 28 4n,3w well called the Sierra on the OCC website or word of mouth? Thanks

33 mmcf for February. Nothing yet for oil. Think you mean Section 29- right?