Garvin County Section 29 4N-4W

McDermott 1-29 is in operation, are there any other oil wells on this section Marsha Bowman

Look up the wells on the OCC well record site. You also need to look up from Section 32 as the surface location for some horizontal wells are in that section. Use a leading zero. 2904N04W or 3204N04W. Test McDermott is there You have the Campolina 1-20-20USH You have the Clydesdale wells

The production shows up on the Gross Production site. Use both section 29 and section 20

Hello: This week, we got a increase of $750.00/per acre, for the purchase of our Mineral Rights i Section 17 in Garvin County. Anyone know what is happening with that section? Being from Illinois, we are out of the know.


Lots of section 17’s. Please provide the full legal description if you want assistance with your inquiry.

Todd M. Baker

Hello Todd:

The description is: Section 17, Township 1 North, Range 1 East. The offer is almost $5,000 per acre… The Durham Trust" has 25% of the 60 acres Mineral Rights The land was owned by my wife’s Grandmother since the 20’s. The 60 acres went up for sale in 1984, and was purchased by the tenant farmer, and we retained the 25%. Thanks for any help Take Care stevers - one of two trustee’s

I moved your area to a new topic since it is miles and miles away from 4N-4W.

Steve: Tough to follow because your reply is under a topic 29-4N-4W. BUT, I will reply to you here.

Continental has been buying some leases in this section and their mineral arm, Mineral Resources is buying minerals. That tells me Continental is going to be drilling some wells and they think enough of it that they want to buy minerals. Continental pooled Sections 16 & 21 back in 2014, but never drilled anything. This is still prospective as there haven’t been any new wells drilled in this section or any of the 8 offset sections. I am a buyer of minerals and a seller of minerals. In my opinion $5000 per acre is too cheap for this area, although it is still speculative. There are many faults in the area. I own in Section 27-1N-1E and am getting lease offers and purchase offers.

Hope this helps.

Todd M Baker

I also have mineral rights in section 27 Marsha Bowman