Garvin County - Section 16 T4N R2W


Looking for information on leases in this Section (Maysville) since 1990.

Any eyes-on-the-ground know of current activity?



Hi Marilynn, There are two producing wells in this section. The Maysville well in the SE/4 and the Mays #1-16 in the SW/4. I see no new activity. To look for a lease back to the early 1990’s you can go to It will let you search by name or section, township and range. To actually look at the document you will have to sign up on the site. If it doesn’t take you back far enough you might try calling the county clerks office and see if they will look for it for you.


Thank you so much for the information. Helpful to have confirmation of existing wells!


Your welcome. The wells are vertical wells and not the horizontals. I didn’t check spacing, but unless you own minerals in the south half of the section I don’t think you should be getting a check on them. If you have interest in the south half l will check the spacing. Just let me know.


Hey Darla~

From the sparse records in hand, there was an active well in our section in the mid-1980s.
The name of the well was Maysville #2 or Maysville Townsite #2.

Full description then was Section 16-4N-2W SE/4 NE/4

Do you know of any horizontal wells nearby?

We are interested in selling so would appreciate any other thoughts you may have. Thanks!


There are some good vertical wells close to you, but no horizontals in the 9 section area around 16. Since there are no really good wells in your section it makes me wonder if there is something wrong geologically as to why there isn’t one. There is also no new leasing in your section which makes me think it isn’t on anyones radar to drill. Maybe someone with more experience with geology can chime in about it?


Thanks Darla.

This area is the first residential block in North Maysville (Hwy 74). Not
sure where the Maysville #2 well was located back in the 80s but it would
take a horizontal well today I’m guessing.


I have 12.1 open acres for sale in this S-T-R