Garvin County S29-4N-4W

Do you know if Rimrock has sent out DO for Campolina 1-29-20OUSH. I have not received any information on it as I have mineral rights in this section. Marsha Bowman

Welcome back! Please post in Garvin County, OK. Will answer from there.

Rimrock advised me that DO should come out for Campolina 1-29-20OUSH in Garvin County the end of April.

I received oil royalties from Campolina 1-29-20OUSH this month although they have not sent me DO. I’m grateful for the Oil Royalties. Marsha

Some companies are sending royalties early in order to not have the DO be late and have to pay interest. Check your decimal on the check and see it is matches what you think the DO will say. Corrections may appear later. Keep an eye on it.