Garvin County Mineral Lease

Hello all,

My family was just propositioned by Continental Resources for a 3 yr mineral lease for $1,200/acre. This is in Sec 32. I was wondering if anyone could comment on whether or not that is a fair offer? I saw some within the forum that were higher but in different sections.

Whats the township/range?

Sorry about that, 1N 1E

They usually offer a couple of options, less money for more royalty such as $1,200 for 1/8th, $1,000 for 3/16ths, or $900 for 1/5. Have you received offers from anyone else?

Three years, thier is oil down there but,after my lease in the mid 90s I never received a check over a hundred dollars. That means that I am still leashed to them as long as they produce. Please read the full lease. Sec.321N1E .

What royalty were they offering for the $1200?

1/5. No offers from other companies