Garvin County 5-4N-4W

Can anyone tell me what is happening in Section 5–4N 4W Garvin County? Family members have offers to sell these mineral rights. Appreciate insight into this location.

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Your cousins should have been getting all the OCC case notices about the drilling that Red Rocks has planned for that section. Offers to buy usually come ahead of the drill bit. In my experience, the offers on my acreage have been lowball.

Thank you for your reply. Yes, we have received these notices. Just wondering if they had started drilling. Appreciate your input.

You can watch the paperwork for any wells on the OCC wellrecords site.

The Neva June 2-5 and 3-5 have spud. The permit information is on Form 1000. The Spud information is Form 1001A. The completion information is on Form 1002A.

Searching for an update on this location.

Neva June 3-5 was recompleted in October of 2020. Reservoirs Viola/Chimney Hill/Sycamore. Completion report.

Gross Production You can find the production through May 2021 on the OK Tax site.