Garvin 32 1N 1W?

Anyone know of activity in 31 1 N 1W Garvin County Or 33 1N 1W by Continental Resources??

Thanks for your help

Continental filed for a location exception order in late 2020. It was granted. The case is 2020001882. The well is supposed to be called the Lowlands 1-31-23XHW. Surface location in 32 and bottom hole in 31.

The location has not been permitted yet. Watch for it in sec 32. (Use 3201N01W)

You should have gotten the case information if your name is properly filed in the county courthouse.

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Thank you for your help

Continental did have a well planned for Sec 33 & 34?. They pooled the acreage, then extended the pooling to 365 days instead of 180 days. However the horizontal well was dismissed. Covid drop in demand and financial constraints may have been a part of that. Time will tell to see if they pick it back up.

Thank you for your help

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