Garvin 27-28;01N-01W Wiley Well


Anyone have any info as to the production on the Wiley that Continental drilled?


I didn’t find anything, but it spud in December… so you should hear something soon.


Found the first Oil Sales in 4/2018 were for 12,272.98 Bbls and $801,830.65.


Is there anyone aside from Continental leasing in the area?


If there is a producing well it is too late to lease. You will be held by either your previous lease terms if you have a valid lease or the terms of the pooling on the new well.


In most instances, but not always.


I’m next door in 33 and 34 and unleased.


Only as it pertains to depths? If you are currently un-leased, but pooled you can in fact lease the other depths that were not pooled with your currently producing well. However, the bonus will probably not be as good as the original lease offers due to not all depths being available to lease.


Darla-are there producing wells in 33? Gungoll has a well in 34 on 640 spacing for Sycamore, Woodford, and others–so Laura maybe leased or poolid in that Section.


I don’t see anything in Section 33. Sorry, I didn’t see the question about 33, just 27 and 28. I would have to check leases at the courthouse to confirm there were no multi-sectional leases that could be holding the acreage, but outside of that, then she should be open. The only other company I saw leasing was an Annastin Energy, LLC that leased in Section 33. I am not familiar with them, but their address is in Oklahoma City. I am surprised more companies haven’t been leasing. Makes me wonder what the geology looks like.


The Gungoll vertical well in 34, is dead and was supposed to be plugged 2 years ago. Maybe that is keeping interest low.


I see leasing by Continental resources, Annastin energy, Parker Investment Group in 33 in the last two years.


Found the 2nd month Oil Sales in 5/2018 were for 18,632.41 Bbls @ $68.89/Bbl for $1,283,660.11 but I can’t find the gas sales. I think purchaser is Enable.


Try the tax site for most wells. I don’t see any gas there either, but those are some really nice oil numbers!