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What is “Warranty of Title” and why is it important to remove from a lease?

You would want to remove it from the lease if you could not “warrant” the title was good.

Warranty of title means you guarantee the tile and will defend it against anyone who says they have better title than you.

Going through my minerals, and found this in Garfield Co.

14-22N-4W - S/2 SE NE and NW SE NE and S/2 SE

Checking to see if there is any activity in the area.

Where are all the people in Garfield when it comes to oil/gas. They are doing some drilling in the far east side of the county near the Logan co area. I hear leases are going for more than $400. Has anyone bet this?

I also heard a well was making close to 1200 BBD, does anyone where this well is?

They are leasing heavily near Hunter in NE Garfield County @ 700-800 dollars pre acre. My mom’s wells are near there and one property 1/2 mile West from the Sabranek. Look for Plymouth Exploraton to be interested sometimes being leased through Sam Rose Properties. They started drilling one on my mom’s place South of Hunter last week so we will soon see how that one turns out. Also East of there near Garber, several companies are leasing. I live in Southwest Garfield County and connot get any one interested as of yet. North of 412 near Carrier, leasing is hot and heavy. Some of the wells are Sandridge and Chesapeake. I think there the leases are around the 7-800 range.


Someone should have contacted you as they are drilling right now all around your interest. Plymouth Exploration has permits to drill on both the quarter East and the Quarter West of yours. I think they are also going to drill North and South of your quarter. They are drilling on us in 20 right now (South of Hunter).

Does anyone know if anyone besides Chesapeake is leasing in Garfield County? I received an offer in Sect 23-24N-5W for $500 with 3/16 from them. It seems low to me but would like your experience/opinion. Thanks.

Brannon Land Co out of Edmond is leasing for Limestone.

Our family has interest in the NW/4, Section 10, Township 24N, Range 4W. Any drilling or leasing going on there. Thanks!

Thank you M. D. I will contact Plymouth Exploration and see what I can find out. Debbi

Recently leased to Brannon Land Company out of Edmond OK. Very good to deal with, fair deal I believe. Section 27,Township 21N, Range 3W. Borders Hayward Lake.

We were contacted by an oil company who had drilled on the family farm and drilled a well which was producing 156 BOPD. 7 months later we are told that the production is down to 5o BOPD explaining to my brother that there were problems with the well when they did the drilling, a bit broke, and that they might drill another well or elsewhere on the farm in the future. I found some drilling documents that the oil co. filed with the OCC that’s map shows that they drilled the horizontal well that line stopped and that they drilled a second well that extended well beyond the first well. Both wells ran parallel and are fairly close together. We were never told about the second well, I found the documents by accident. Can anyone give me any idea as to what you thing is going on. This just doesn’t make sense to me.

I stumbled upon this site while looking for information on activity within Garfield County. My brother and I have been contacted a couple of times from a couple of folks from Norman, and Edmond, quite some time ago. They offered around $200.00 to $250.00 per acre, I believe. Within the last 6 months or so, we have been contacted by a couple of others, and we were offered $650.00 an acre with 1/8 royalty and had only ten days to respond. We didn’t respond. Then a fellow claiming to represent Devon offered us $450.00 per acre with 3/16 royalty. (We have this trough our Mother passing away, but all was originally my Step-Father’s.) My brother and I know little to nothing about this stuff, but the leases in question are just South of Covington, and a little West. There are four of us; 2 with 1/8 and 2 with 3/8, and my 1/8 is 1.25 acres on one property, with 3.125 acres on the other, so it’s not huge but we still want to know if we are being treated fairly with this last offer. We have three other small leases that were already producing and are receiving small checks on them, but this is new ground.


I don’t know for sure where your minerals are, but their are some good H-well drilled south of Covington in Garfield Co. Do not lease for 1/8, most of today’s leases are going for 3/16 to 1/5. And most leases in this area are going for at least $550 up for 3 years and no ext. On extension, I ask for 200% of what they paid and they didn’t need an extension then. You may want to check with Limestone Exploration and see if they are in your area. I think Brannon Land Co is leasing for them.

I have several contact # for landmen if you need one. Also, be careful what your lease says, some companies are having the Lessor pay for transportation, etc. Mark this out. Lots of other things you need to watch for.

We have received an offer from Brannon Leasing from Edmond leasing for Limestone Exploration. $300 and acre and 3/16th Royalty. Our property is 35-21N-5W, NE4 which is 3 south and four west of Covington. Is anybody close to there and if so, what has that area leased for?

We received an offer to lease near Drummond for $500 and 3/16 with 3 years .

OOps, our property is one mile west of Douglass on the NE Qtr.


They are drilling a salt water well within 2 miles of Hayward, 1 mile north of 164 and county line rd cr10. Then they will drill the H well in the same area.

McKee got a good H well just west of Hayward. I think that would be about 3 miles south of Covington and 2 or so miles east of Hiway 84.

Limestone has filed a request with Corp Commission to drill a salt water well either on or next to our section. They have not begun it yet to my knowlege. Virginia, where is your farm and do you know anybody near us we could call to confirm what they have leased for? We have not signed our lease papers yet.