Garfield County OK Lease Offer

I received a lease offer from MM Engery for S/2 NE/4 & SE/4 Sec. 14-22N-4W, Garfield County, OK (6 net acres), at $200 per acre, 3/16ths royalty on term of three years ($1,200.00 bonus).

Can anyone tell me if this is a fair offer based on wells in this area of Garfield County?

Thanks - Walter

Hello Walter,

I believe we have property in the same section, and I have seen the name John Diveley on some of the old paperwork (dating back to 1955) in my mom's oil files. My property is located in 14-22N-4W - S/2 SE NE and NW SE NE and S/2 SE in Garfield County. I am also interested in finding out what leases are going for, and who else besides MM Engery is offering.

Sean Cochrane Clay