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we hold about 13 mineral sections in Garfield's county. Is there any known activity in that county...

The weekly MT Bd O&G report shows Cirque Resources reported completing one Heath formation well in Garfield Co.

13N 32E, Sec 10. "Lucky Strike 10-4H". IP 104 bbls per day

It's almost ten yr's into my retirement, and In going thru an old box of papers and photos I found an almost forgotten Mineral Deed- white printing on a black background- given to me by my geologist uncle on the occasion of my tenth birthday. Does anyone perhaps know how to go about changing a 60 year old address on that kind of item? T15N,R39E; T14N, R39E

Gordon, according to an article in the Billings Gazette in March, the Heath play is no longer... all the companies who were drilling in the area have left. There were several wells but they were only producing about 2 barrels or less per day. Not enough to cover even the cost of a well. There is oil, but until the "code is cracked" as to how to get to the oil, no more will be done. This also includes Rosebud and several other counties. No riches for us at anytime soon. I don't think. We have 37000 mineral acres leased to Central Montana Oil and Gas and they have actually drilled a well but not completed it. They have closed their Montana offices and located back to Texas.

James, You won't change an address on the original deed to you. However you could record an Affidavit of Ownership or something similar to serve your purpose. Probably a single page will work.

In addition to a current address, you need a complete legal description of all the lands where you own minerals (not just township and ranges), and the document will need to be notarized in order to be recorded by the county.

Call the county, explain your situation, and ask them what is best, 406-557-2760. Garfield Co Clerk & Recorder, PO Box 7, Jordan, MT 59337. Beverlee is correct in that things cooled off. Yet this can change and you want the landmen to be able to find you when the next play picks up.

Question - Not directly related to oil and gas activity but could be -

Yesterday, June 28,2014, I received a letter from a company in WA expressing interest in buying my land in Garfield County. So I'm wondering why the interest. Has anyone else received such an inquiry. Any ideas why the interest in buying my land?

We also received a letter for our property also. We called the company and explained that we are not interested and our land was not vacant.

Thanks, Tandra, for your reply.

I've not yet contacted the company.

Anyone else receive such a letter?