Gains County

Ready to lease about 109 net mineral acres in Gains County as follows:

All of Section 52, Abstract No. 1353

Block G. W. Ry. Co. Survey

Gains County, TX

The mineral rights were leased several years ago, but lease expired and landman vanished. With all the activity in the area, we are wondering why we have not been approached this a normal situation----any ideas from veterans? We are open to offers, but since this is such a small lease amount, it is difficult to follow market movement or make contacts from the East Coast. Comments welcomed!


A dry hole(API# 165-36977) was drilled in the western part of A-1353 in March 2009. That could be the reason no one is interested in leasing your minerals. There are several producing oil wells and some plugged oil wells W/SW of you in A-219. Also several gas wells to the east of your minerals. The dry hole is the only well that I see that has ever been drilled in your area. Am including a GIS Map of your A-1353 and surrounding area. Good luck in the future with securing a lease.

Clint Liles


Thanks for taking the time to provide the visual that speaks volumes about my situation! See that I have a lot of research and a steep learning curve ahead of me---but this is a good start!