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Anyone with mineral interests in Gaines County Texas or interested in the area's petroleum industry activity is welcome to participate.

I’m starting to get solicitations to buy our interests in Gaines County. If someone wants to buy, I generally think there’s a good reason not to sell. (Of course, leasing is another matter!) Anyone know of any new activity in the area??

My family owns mineral rights in Gaines County, TX (S.1/2 of Section 356, Blk G, CCSD & RGNG Railroad Company Survey)

We are interested in selling (all or part).

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Larry Satterwhite


Would you mind sending me who solicited your interests?


I’d be happy to give you the info on the solicitation I got but, since I had no interest in selling, I chucked it. If I get another I’ll pass it along.

My family signed a lease in nov-2010, haven’t neard anything since, producing, not producing, sholud I contact land man that we have lease with?

Yes, we received sign on money after everyone involved were contacted. Lease was for 2 yrs. I will contact land man. Thanks for info.


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Did you get your bonus money? I assume the term of the lease was at least 3yrs. It is not uncommon that they never drill if after further study and results from other nearby new wells indicate it is not worth drilling on your property. Of the 25 of so properties I have and done 30 or so leases over the last 20 or so years, only 3 resulted in drilling.

But it certainly can’t hurt to check with the landman to see what the current status is.

Does anyone know the going bonus rate in Gaines County? We’ve been contacted about our interests in Sec 14, Blk A-28.

I know an honest attorney in Big Spring who is an O&G expert with 50 years experience. PM me if you would like his name. Also, would you mind sharing the location of your property and the bonus and royalty offered?

My sister and I own 280 acres of land and all minerals of Section 168, Block G WTRR Co. Survey, Gains County. We leased the mineral rights in June 2010 for 3 years and they have a right to lease additioal 2 years for the same per acre amount of the first lease. I was wondering if anyone can tell me where drilling is going on right now. We want to sell the land but keep the minerals. There is a 4 inch water well on the property and 160 acres is in cultivation the adjoing 120 acres is pasture land. It is located about 6 miles north of seminole on the Seagraves highway (1 1/4 mile south of the golf course).

Mr. Malone, Go to the Texas RRC website and “launch” the “Public GIS Map Viewer for Oil & Gas Wells, Pipeline Data and LP Gas Sites” application. Use the drop box in the center of the right column to open Gaines county and choose the “center map” Map Tool. Place the cursor with your mouse in the approximate area of your land and click. Then zoom down to your land. An alternate method is to use the “Survey/Abstract” feature of the map viewer. This will open another pop up. Be sure to choose “Gaines County” in the top left corner of this new pop up. Enter the abstract number if you have it. Once you have found your land, look for empty circles and filled dots. The empty circles represent a permitted well. The filled dots represent producing wells.

Randy, I’ve found that Internet Explorer works better with the Texas Railroad Commission website (+applications). Enter Texas Railroad Commission into a search engine and click on the link and look for “online research queries” open it and then follow the instructions I shared. Hope this helps. AJ

There is an instruction video on the Home page on how to navigate the RRC site. Works best on Windows systems.

AJ, when I try to open the rr site it goes to Google search engine.

Any idea what the going bonus rate in Gaines County, TX is?

to Kelly Craig–within just the past 6 months, we received $400 per net mineral acre and 22% royalty. Hope that helps you.

I have just received a proposal to buy the mineral rights I own. My family owns rights also and they haven’t been contacted. What’s the deal. This is second offer to sell in 2 yrs. I’m sure if anything were producing we would be contacted.

Mr. Henderson. Unless you need $1400 very badly, why would you sell your minerals when you might well lease them for at least $200/acre in the future? Do the math. If 300,000 barrels of oil can be extracted from your section and sold for an average $90/bbl, that’s $27,000,000. Let’s say the leases are for a 25% royalty. Your 7 acres amounts to about 1% of the section. Under the above conditions, your 7 acres would pay you $67,500 over the life of the production. See why someone wants to relieve you of your minerals, now? And there could be a lot more than 300,000 bbls recovered from your section if multiple wells are drilled. Would you mind sharing the general vicinity of your minerals? North, South, East, or West of Seminole? Approximately how far from Seminole?