Gaines county mineral rights

i got an offer to lease my mineral rights in Gaines county.

has anyone else got one?

Do you know where your minerals are at and have you checked to see if there is any current lease or wells being drilled?


I get lease offers frequently but they are usually from agents trying to get ahead of the play on the cheap in hopes of flipping them or just doing what a client asks of them. However, if your minerals are in the SE corner of Gaines near Dawson and Martin, your minerals are growing more valuable due to horizontal drilling in the area.

Gary L Hutchinson


My interest is focused south of Seminole where there has been leasing in BLK A-20 Secs 1,2,5,7,and 9; Blk A-21 Secs 1, 5, 20, 21, and 22; Blk A-22 Secs 1,2,8,9, and 10; Blk C-44 Secs 20 and 21; Blk AX Sec 1 and 2.

No I haven't checked and really don't know where it is located

My minerals are located at this location:

The Northeast Quarter OF Section 53, Block H<D&W RR Co. Survey.Gaines County, Texas

Hello Jean,,,,,,I see where Pitts Energy has 2 approved permits for Horizontal wells to be drilled next door(to your Section 53) to the West in Section 64 and ending in Section 65. Those wells(API 165-38677/38678 are permitted for 5300' and targeting the San Andres formation...

GIS Map of Gaines County Section 53/Block H/A-59/D & W RR:


Clint Liles

Add Sec 6 Blk A-20 to the above list of recorded leases.

Did here, Lessee let their lease expire early 2019, then made an offer at almost half the bonus price.

I wish I had, we are looking to lease our mineral rights in Gaines County keep getting told that Gaines county is slowing down. May I ask with what company?

We’re negotiating now, but I’ll let you know after that’s done. Good Luck!

Erwin operator was double eagle.

Hi - We have been wondering if there are any drilling activities near our mineral property but don’t know where to find out this information. The description is as follows: Section 17, Block C-35, Public School Lands Survey, Gaines County, Texas, containing 640 acres. Can anybody help us? Thanks! DT

Triple7, the acreage you referenced is in blue. Looks like quite a few dry holes and not much new activity. Looks like there has been a successful horizontal a little over a mile to the southwest that came on recently though.