Gaines County Interest - But Terrell County School Land?

I'm dealing with a deed to mineral interest in Gaines County. It was recorded in Gaines County in 1986.

What's odd is that even though it clearly says Gaines County, it refers to Labors 1-15 in League 309, TERRELL COUNTY School Land.

At first I thought perhaps the land is in Gaines but its bordering Terrell and that's why its on Terrell County School Land.

Then I looked on a map and they don't appear to be adjacent. I think there's several counties between them.

Can anyone make sense of this?? Could this be correct?

David, there are actually school lands for numerous counties in counties other than where the schools are located. I am not sure why this is, but I have run into the situation many, many times.

Dont worry about it, it is correct.

Wow, that was quick! Thanks Dirk! That's very helpful. You've saved me from a panic attack :)