Future of the Wattenburg and Riverside Fields

I have a different set of questions: What does the future hold for production from the Wattenburg and Riverside fields and the formations under them? We live out-of-state and have Weld County rights in 5N61W that I leased out a year ago. I received some solid advice from several members of this forum. Our rights were later included in a section-wide pooling order that included several producing wells. Operator has been great to work with. So we're going to sit back and enjoy the ride for a few years, but I would like to consider the future. I understand that the productive life for a well is generally somewhere between 30 days and 30 years. And I expect that an additional well or two will be drilled in the section. Are there other forums, blogs, online sources of information, books or other reference materials that can help me understand how the industry views the future in these fields? How about opinions from other members of the Forum? All suggestions and comments welcome, thanks.