Full Disclosure

Does anyone get full disclosure before they sign a lease? We have been getting offers for land in Sections 23 and 26 in 24S 34E...land we didn't know that we owned (still not sure). We just want a simple answer from those offering, exactly what do we have and are you sure it's ours? But can't seem to get a straight answer. We went to the abstract office to research and a landman had the book we needed and told us he would have it all day, so there went that. Really need advice on what to do. The county clerk told us that if we were getting offers, then it was more than likely really ours, because the landmen get paid to not screw up. Is that basically true?

Terrie, there might be an online service that covers the property records of New Mexico. For Texas, i usually use Texasfile.com or courthousedirect.com. Maybe someone with experience might share what service will work for Lea County. I believe that is supposed to be a very good county and i would expect a 25% cost FREE royalty. I would not be surprised to hear from others that the bonus should be very generous.

Since you are unsure as to title, make sure not to warrant title.

depending on the size, you might consider using your own lease form, meaning use one that has been developed for the mineral owner.

good luck.