Frostwood Energy LLC

Hello Folks, I recently discovered I have an interest in a well in Bloomington Texas. The end point appears to end under some property I own a share of. The well is number 11H, owned by Frostwood Energy LLC. Does anyone know or know how I can find out the take off points and daily production of that well? Thanks in advance. Bill

Do you have the API# for the well? That will help in looking up and doing any research on it. From there the RRC will have monthly production albeit on a little bit of a lag. The RRC will also have a plat of the permit as approved you will be able to better map with. If you provide an API# I can do a little digging.

Hello KatKon, I’m still learning my way around this forum. Just now saw your reply to my post. The API number is. 424693437700.

I’ve entered into a lease agreement with Frostwood Energy LLC. In the agreement they agreed to pay me royalties dating back to September 2017. My interest is very small but I’d like to have an idea of what to expect.

Thank You, Bill

For the full FORD GRANT UNIT:

Date OIL (BBL) Casinghead (MCF)
Apr-19 12,076 9,025
May-19 11,541 8,185
Jun-19 9,788 7,143
Jul-19 9,571 7,132
Aug-19 8,200 6,602
Sep-19 8,510 6,445
Oct-19 9,629 7,410
Nov-19 16,888 15,294
Dec-19 12,066 9,262
Jan-20 10,744 8,247
Feb-20 8,818 7,122
Mar-20 9,245 7,597
Total 127,076 99,464

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