Friendly Safety Reminder

The group has grown a lot since I joined. Early on I was contacted by a SCAMMER. At that point I changed my Name to Williston, My Location to Beverly Hills. Both are fake. My picture is now a ship. I just googled 3 women senior citizens on this board who also live in MN. I was able to find your home address, phone #, marital status and if you have a Facebook page and your picture.

Please consider using just your first name, disconnect the link to your Facebook Account. if you live in a small community don't name it. Invent a city and state. If someone calls you, sounds friendly and wants to take about your oil fields in ND. Please Be Very, Very Careful.

Good information! I was contacted by someone who seemed really helpful too, but I think he had an agenda. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!