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100 to 400 but don’t get greedy they need to get a big block put together so they can afford to drill…and you can make a return …they will only do with the price of oil and gas…if it goes down they will back off…with the election coming up …price of oil could go back to 46 pb…

My mother had signed a lease on her mineral right back in 2006 for a 4 yr period. The property description of the property is xxx.x acres, Consolidated El Paso Irrigation & Manufacturing Co Survey A-680 Freestone County, TX Anadarko Petroleum Corp. We have not hear anything from them or anyone else since. Does anyone have any information they might could share on this? Anyone out there with similiar leases? Thanks,

Has anyone had any offers via lease or mineral purchase? (silly question i know) Trying to figure out if offers are in line or way under. Thanks so much!

If you need help evaluating an offer I might be able to help. Email me at and I'll look into it.

What activity is going on in Hollman Block, I Survey - Elliott Block, W A Survey - Loyd Block, J Survey?

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