Franklin Couny AR

My small interests were transferred and I am having difficulty getting a division order. I was told I would not receive Division Orders until transfer was finalized with me receiving a Royalty Check. Because my interests are small i will not be receiving a check for quite a while. Is there a way I can get Division Orders now? Is there a way I can receive a royalty check for a small amount? Are there state laws that require royalty payments despite a small amount?

I have very small royalty interests I inherited from my Dad. Like sometimes 4 zeros after the decimal point! I have received division orders from most of the companies. There were a couple who said they didn’t issue division orders, which seemed strange to me. My experience is that it is up to the company to decide when to issue a check. Some are $10, some $25 or maybe $100. A check can sometimes be released at the end of the year no matter what amount. This is just what I have experienced. I am in Texas, but my interests are in several states. There are more experienced people on this forum that could maybe add or correct what I just told you. Good Luck!

Send a certified letter to the operator (and keep a copy) and ask what the difficulty is and how it can be straightened out. Many companies do not want to pay if the amount is less than $100. When it builds up to that much, then they will pay or at least pay annually. I usually reset my Division Orders to $25. The Arkansas Oil & Gas Code should have the rules on Division Orders. Maybe someone on the forum knows the exact statute.

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