Fraley unit 1 H

any info on this unit??

There drilling on Deets wellpad nearby…hen George Scott wellpad follows…then Peggy June after that (Fraley).

Local word is the company is not healthy and a takeover will likely occur in the future. We figure anything drilled will be shutin.

What does shutin mean? And why is there 2 names, peggyjune-- fraley lol. Btw ancel how you been?

Ancel, seeing is beliving, I will be visiting each of those wells in Sept…as I intend on traveling from Utah to WV by auto. Wish me luck.

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Dale, shut in is just the industry’s word for turned off. So there’s a well, it’s drilled, fracked, capable of producing gas, but for whatever reason they’ve turned it off.

So Fraley was permitted in 2017, and they only permitted one lateral. AR currently has a rig two pads north on Mondeo - Since they only permitted one leg on Fraly (AR generally does 10 lats off one pad) and they let the permit expire - not good signs of them getting to this in the near term.

Agreed. Fraley is part of Peggy June which is near to George Scott wich is near to Deetz. Deetz is drilling …Scott follows and then Peggy June.

All well holes are set, however, at Peggy June.

But my observation, at $3/share stock price from $60 in 2014, how is Antero getting by? Takeover candidate? I may have the wrong perspective. Perhaps Antero is healthy in terms of contracts but the borrowing has killed the stock value. Moral? This is the nature of the business I suppose.