Fractions 30 + 31 Township 8 North range 20 East Haskell County. OK

I received paperwork back in April about drilling to Vertical holes with two horizontal lines coming off of Beach but have not heard anything else after the drilling was approved

Do you mean Haskell County? If you are, then the location is in that county and there are two horizontal wells.

You can look up the well activity on the Oklahoma Corporation Commission well records site. Test. Put 3008N20E in the location box to get the well names. 1000 is the permit, 1001A is the spud, 1002A is the completion report. You should get Division Orders about five months after first sales. Look for the Chipmunk wells. There are two of them.

The production information is found on the OK tax site. Gross Production

Yes I found well names, api# all of that. But could not get gross production. I don’t understand why they would contact me about drilling. Then no other communication after Canyon Creek made a stink about DEATH CERTIFICATE. I don’t know what I need to do. I have death certificate and affidavit of heirship.

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Contact the Division Order Department of Trinity Operating. Their address is on the 1002A completion report. Ask them what documents they need to get you into pay status. The OK tax site listed above in red as Gross Production (hit the link) has the available gross production. They are several months behind. I saw September. You probably will not get a Division Order until February or March.

It is often frustrating to work with oil companies on title issues. Some will ask for an Affidavit of Heirship but will not make payments even after receipt and inform the individual that a probate is needed. Often probates can be completed with minimal involvement and no travel on the part of the heir.

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