Fractional mineral rights leases- How do you determine?

This is all very new to me but I'm living in Western PA with the family roots in Northern West Virginia. Yes, it is Marcellus Shale country!

Last year my Dad received a lease thru his grandmother's sister, who was single. So he has a small lease shared with the other famly members. Here is the question, there was also a another family member who was a single woman with no children. We understood that there would be another lease that would be sent to the aunts and uncles of this single woman, my dad's grandmother would be one of those people. To date we have not seen this lease. I was told that it was included in the lease that was given to my dad thru the first family member.

Yes, it is a small fraction but I'm confused should there be a second lease? Or am I missing something? Who do you ask about it? Does it matter how small the fraction is? Maybe they don't need to give leases if it's too small? Can someone help me out here?


Thank you, Ted for your advice. I’m trying to learn as much as possible about this matter on my own before I seek a lawyer. I also need to determine if it worth hiring a lawyer because it will be a fractional amount. I did have a lawyer for the first lease.


Ted Preston said:


I’m afraid my answer won’t be satisfying, but at least it’s accurate!

Mineral ownership is often complicated, and it sounds like your situation is one of the complicated sorts. You need to contact a competent attorney or landman to help you figure out who owns the minerals you are talking about. If those minerals have been in your family, and have not been passed through wills, then your state’s intestacy laws may be responsible for determining who owns the minerals now. Each state has quirks in their laws, so you’re unlikely to get accurate answers on a forum like this. You need to consult someone who knows your local laws.