Fracking Sect 9&16, 2N4W

Fracking started Christmas Eve.

Photo taken by Linda.

Who is the operator of these wells?

Ovintiv is the operator.

Ovintiv HQ is in Denver.

It was Newfield then changed to Encana and now Ovintiv.

My husband drove down to the “diggins” today and said "Evidently they are through fracing both wells and have moved nearly everything off the location except one trailer house and some backhoe type equipment working on the kind of muddy location. The “Christmas Trees” were on top of the wells. MAKING PROGRESS!

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I hope they are testing the wells.

As of 2 days ago they had the coiled tubing going in the well so figure they are taking the plugs out between the sections of fraced pipe. Guess then they will turn it over to production to check what we got?

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Still getting back the water as they flow test. Put a lot of water in gotta get it all back out before we see what we got! Shouldn’t be long till we see!

Of course in my last post I meant Jared 2 and 3 wells not 1 and 2. Didn’t proof read!

Hope you have power and water. Did the winter weather impact the testing of the wells?

John- wells aren’t “tested” any more, at least horizontal wells. The wells are drilled, production facilities put in place & then fracked. Then the equipment moved out and turned to production into the pipeline. I believe the wells were turned to production before the cold weather hit so not much disruption should have occurred. Hopefully you will get a nice check in 6 months.

Understand all. My last few wells, however, have had a completion report with the first 30 days of production that stated production rate of oil, water, gas, etc. i have not seen that yet on OCC website. I did see on Bloomberg TV that many wells in Permian Basin had interruptions of production due to winter storm across the southern plains.

You can also check the OTC website to see if the wells are “active”. That indicates sales even if the actual data may not show up for another few months. Gross Production

Thanks! I see they are both active, but can’t open PUN link via apple products. Will try from a PC later.

Hubby watched them haul off two truck loads of oil yesterday morning (or might have been day before) from the location. The tanks on location are very large 750 bbl tanks. There are 4 tanks for the two wells.

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