Fracking in 2706N06W and 2705N06W?

Hi, has anyone seen any fracking being done in 2706N06W and 2705N06W? By the dates of when they say the the Adams and Jeannie wells were spud they should be done or at least ready to be fracked by now. Does anyone have any pictures of the drilling rigs up on either of these two sections? Its a bummer living out of state and not being able to go and see them myself. Thanks!

Vicki: Doubt they have begun completion yet, maybe not finished drilling. Although there were spud reports for both sections back in September, it doesn’t mean they have a drilling rig on location capable of drilling to total depth. Maybe someone down that way can give a better update. I’m just using the OCC information and experience.

Happy New Year.

Vicki, they are still drilling in 2706N06W with 2 rigs on the Adams wells. They finished drilling the Jeannie wells in 2705N06W several weeks ago. I don’t know if they have begun fracking yet or not. I haven’t been down that road lately.

Thanks for the help. Seems like the Jeannie wells have taken forever. They were stated last February.