Found Mineral Deed

I was going through my Mom's personal papers while packing her up to move her into an Assisted Living facility (she has dementia.) I found a certified Mineral Deed for Jack County in Texas, dated October 1957.

How do I go about finding out if she still owns these rights and if she is owed any money? Is there a service that I can hire to do all the leg work for me or is it better to do it myself?

2072-MineralDeed.pdf (566 KB)


It doesn't appear that the deed was ever filed in Jack County. Is it an original copy (actual signature)? If so, it needs to be filed, and it would appear she perpetually owns 0.78 mineral acres.

There is not any production on that tract of land, so I'm doubtful that she is owed any money.

Thank you, Jordan. It is the original and is signed. It does have the embossed seal so I thought it had been filed. But I'll go to Jack County and take care of that.

Thanks again!

I don't understand why he makes that assumption. It sounds like it has a file stamp on it. Did you scan and email him a copy of the deed? It was filed somewhere, unless that's the Notary seal.

Hi Dave,

I attached a copy in my post.

What's the embossed seal say?

It's actually a Dallas County notary seal witnessing the signature of the Grantor, Fritz Lyne. So maybe it wasn't filed after all.

If that is the case, you got some good advice. File it in Jack. It will be considered to be what is called a "wild deed", or a deed out of the chain of title.

Thank you, Dave. I really appreciate the help!

There has been no production in your part of the section. Although there is leasing in the section as of last year. Get it recorded as all of the others have said and then contact Cobra Exploration LLC P.O. Box 8206 Witchita Falls, TX. They have leased with Fritz in 2013.

Thanks, Brian! Wow, I can't believe how helpful you all have been. I'm heading to Jacksboro tomorrow to file the deed.