Found 1.85 acres I can buy for $6,000...worth it?

As you can tell by my heading and other post I'm new to this...

I have a lady/friend that asked me about buying 1.85 acres from her. It is leased and has about 20 months until it can be re-leased, but land is leasing between $1,750 and $3,000/acre in this county (she got $3,000 for another tract). I own 1.25 in the same county and just leased it for around $2,200.

Is $6,000 a fair price or to high?

Are you asking about mineral acres or fee acreage (surface and mineral)?

If mineral, is it full interest in 1.85 acres or is it a fractional interest in a larger tract. All have direct bearing, along with the county and nearby exploration.