Foster Drilling

Recently my parents and some in the Foster area received some communication from one of the production companies about something potentially happening in or under 2602N03W. I have seen information on the Floyd 1H?? in section 15 which heads north under sect 10 and 3. Has anyone had any correspondence in regard to 2602N03W?

Also I would like to share some interesting information passed to me from my mother (Jean Lovett). Some may remember Thell Ferguson and his first wife, Cumine (I may have misspelled) but both were super people. Cumine had a brother or a cousin who knew something of the area geologically. He had told them in the 60’s that there was a good pool of production in that area, but it was very deep. It was fascinating that we had the technology to know it was there but not the technology until now to drill it.

It looks like Newfield has spacing and poolings pending with the OCC for Sections 26 and 35 both.

They are calling the well the Choate 1H-26X well. Spaced for the sycamore, woodford, hunton.

It looks like a multi-sectional well. There are over 500 respondents on the spacing.

I couldn't tell if they are planning on running horizontals under both sections from the one well, but that is the only well named.

Danny (you will always be Danny to me), I hope you remember me as I certainly remember you and your lovely mom and dad. Bill and Nell are my grandparents and we were all "raised in Mountain View Church." Funny, Linda Rigtracker (she likes to fly under the radar) and I were driving around the Foster/Hwy 29 area a week or so ago and talked about the Mt View Church as we were driving by looking @ the rig sitting on the mountain next to Thell & Cumi's (correct spelling) old home place which is the Studdard well. My grandpa always said there would be a lot of production one day in that area when they fine tuned drilling a little better. I haven't seen you in so long. Do you have minerals in the Foster area?

Yes I do remember you Vicki. I saw your name on some posts, but havn't taken time to post. Yes, as kids we were all over the "Table Tops". Was just talking with my wife (she got acquainted with Bill and Nell, and Thell and Bea after we married) recently about all those in the Mountain View Church as well as in the Foster community. Things have surely changed there. Yeah, we have some minerals there. You probably already know this, however, what makes that zone so good is that it is fairly thick, from 150 to 400 ft thick. Also the gas is probably fairly wet which yields higher percentage of liquids when it hits the plant for dehydration. Pair that with the oil and you have a fairly good potential for decent payouts.

I have some MI in 27-2N-3W that is HBP. Is anything going on in that sec. I heard when you have interest HBP you don't get notified of any spacing or pooling orders. We had a similar situation in Garfield Co. and one day we got a DO in the mail from Longfellow out of the blue. Also our interest is part of the Foster-Tussey Unit.

Dan...I don't know what 260 is. Do you mean 26? What Continental said last year in the Investors Day meeting was that they have always known the oil and gas was down there but it was so deep (in the Woodford) that at the price of oil it was not feasible to go after it. At one time when we had some little wells at Velma oil was just selling for $5.00 a bbl..

We've had some of our royalty for 40ish years in 2n,4w and when we were in the Oil Well Servicing Business and came through 2 oil booms around Lindsay we wondered why they didn't want to lease and drill on any of ours (15 miles south of Lindsay) when they were drilling all around Lindsay (down to the Deese, Springer and the like). So I guess because Oil is around $100. a bbl. they must feel like it's finally high enough to go that deep for. Like I've said several times on here they say with the 3D Sciecmagraphing they can see everthing down there before go after there. So much so that they are setting the tanks even before they get the well drilled~somethng they never used to do until they had fraced the well and made sure they had a well.

I went to school with BT Ferguson and knew his mom. He is married to a sweet gal that I also went to school with. She also taught one and maybe both of my boys in high school. Good Folks!!!

Dan, so nice to hear from you. I see you live in Texas. Did you marry someone from the Foster area? Do you still have family in Foster? That can sometimes be an uncomfortable question to ask as I am so far out of that loop that I hate to ask about family because you never know when a relative has passed and you don't want to bring it up, but your folks were very dear to me, almost like family. Anyway, I hope all is good for you and yours. If you or your family have minerals in 2N 3W then I know you guys all are aware of the wonderful things happening and blessing so many lives. Again, so nice to visit with you. This forum is a wealth of information. Stay tuned.

Linda, yeah I ran it all together on the legal. 26 is what I intended. Yeah, I've been in the industry since the late 70's with Halliburton, Amoco, Williams, Valero and Devon, in Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas. I've seen the bad as well as the good. I did forget to mention the ROI being so low with the low oil prices in the past. BT was a little older than me, but I definitely remember him.

Vicki, mom and dad still live in Foster. I married a girl from Rush Springs. Dad worked around Lindsay and Ratliff all of my life and I worked around Ratliff and Velma through the late 70's and through the 80's, but most of the people I knew have either moved away or many of the older ones have passed on. I don't know of any "famous" people from that area, but I do know a lot of the greatest people I've ever had the privilage of being around are from there. When people ask where I am from, I still say Foster to this day and I include the surrounding area as well. That area has supported many families throughout the years and is still doing so. Hopefully it will, long into the future.

Dan...We lived in Velma from about 1974-1980. Preston managed that yard of Lindsey Well Service east of Velma (I think that was the old Alma area on the old highway). Did you know him? We moved to Lindsay in 1980 when he started the General Manager Job when dad retired. Actually he started that job before moving up to Lindsay. He drove back and forth for a while. We also had a yard and office in Wilburton. When we sold out in 1991 we had three locations, 16 nice turqoise blue workover rigs and 3 drilling rigs and everything paid for. Lindsey Well Service was in business for 35 years. We went through at least two booms and two bust. Speaking from experience~save some of that money because nothing last forever and as fast as those booms start they can vanish just as quickly~I'm sure you know all that too because of the time you came through the oil fields, huh? lol Preston is a good money manager and when some high rollers were buying guns and fancy boots, fast women and cars he was paying off the rigs and equipment. And he got a slow woman! lol Don't tell him I was bragging on him. He'll get the big head. NOT!!! lol

Linda, I remember a lot of faces from back then. Unfortunately, time has outrun my memory on names. Yes, I agree, save for the slow times.