Formula for computing acreage amt

Is there a formula for computing the acreage size from a legal description? For instance: Township 5 North, Range 6 West, Section 6: Lot 1 and E/2 of Lot 2 and SE/4 NE/4 and E/2SW/4NE/4SE/4. Whew! Thanks for any info regarding this.

All you ever wanted to know and then some!

excellant for Oklahoma the article says Texas measurments are different do you have any idea how its done in Texas or where to get the information.

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Terri, I got that one by doing a Google search. The U.S. Department of The Interior, Bureau of Land Management has some information avaliable also.

Thanks Michael I will check it out.


Dear Mr. Hill,

Texas is a whole different county when it comes to legal descriptions. The above answers for Rectangular Coordinate Surveys are generally correct, except there are MANY instances where the section is not 640 acres.

Texas uses a Survey system where the surveys were granted by either the Kingdom of Spain, the Empire of Mexico, the Republic of Texas or the State of Texas. Elsewhere, the lands are patented by the Federal Government. Texas kept title to its lands when it entered the United States by treaty.

The later lands surveyed in Texas created surveys that were very square in nature. The earlier surveys could be of any shape and acreage counts must be done by metes and bounds and acreage calculations rather than by division.