Formation Depths & Thickeness

Some of you folks in the know will probably be able to answer this question that I've been researching for months now. I'm trying to find the average depths and thicknesses of the different formations as they relate to Madison County Texas. From East to West across the entire county. Any input would be very welcome.

Check out the formation records section of the following recent W2 reports from Madison County wells filed with the RR Commission:

Devon / JF Mathis 2H near Madisonville:

Looks to be producting from the Georgeown at around 9,400' deep with an IP of over 700+ BOE.

Other really nice completions in the Woodbine in Madison County around 8,500' like the following ones in the 1,200+ BOE IP range:

DJG Thanks so very much for the reply about the W2s. I'd still like some info on the thickness across the county. My land is located in the Eastern portion of the county Navidad is drilling 10 wells to the East of my location but have been unable to find any info on the completion of the wells. Thanks so much in advance.