Form W-14 in Texas

I just received a W-14 application for property we just leased out to Western Chief...Field name FT TRINIDAD (GLENROSE,UPPER).

The property is off 21...JH Cummings Svy.,A-27.

My question is ...are they asking my permission to drill a waste well...and they stated it is a commercial disposal well for other leases not my lease?

In my lease we stated "Lessee shall not have the right to establish and utilize facilities for surface or subsurface disposal of saltwater without prior consent of the lessor".

Looks like I have 15 days to protest with the that the best approach?

Dear Mr. Krischke,

My advice to you is to determine the physical location of the Commercial SWD site. If this is your first contact, I would bet a hamburger that it is not on you, unless somebody dropped the ball on the Operator's side.

The RRC rules require that all offsetting landowners be notified XX days prior to a hearing to grant a permit for a Commercial SWD well. I suspect that is your situation.

My first call would be to the W-14 applicant to determine their plans, if any, on your lands. The RRC has rules to make sure that fresh water sands are protected, but accidents have happened.

Thanks for the information...I will drop them an e-mail and give them a jingle!!


Thanks Buddy....I owe you a hamburger :)