Foreign O&G opportunity in US

Japanese Exploring Co Japex has its subsidiary open in Texas and south Oklahoma the Woodford play.

What’s the general rule for inquiring about leasing to company that’s not based in Oklahoma state. I avoid talking about local politics but I know better than to jump and take first offer. I want the best long term package I can get.
Owning over 200ac surface and mineral rights isn’t limited to oil lease including other deemed essential resources for industrial trade products. Also I know someone who is interested to fund a exploration project in Logan county…BassExp play ground to put down a well is supposedly in area prone to flooding. So I’m looking out of Logan county and for TX wolfberry wealth. JUS is exactly what I want to be included in on in the long run!
Thanks for any insight.

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If you are new to leasing, then the Mineral Help tab above is helpful. Suggest strongly that you get an experienced oil and gas attorney to look at any draft lease as they are rarely in the mineral owner’s favor.

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