Forecast for- 29-15N-11W - Blaine County, OK

Hello All,

I am new to this site but have already found it so helpful-thank you!

Can anyone shed some light on 29-25N-11W in Blaine County. Specifically do folks know general values per acreage and the drilling activity?

Thank you so much in advance.

Sorry typo 29-15N-11W

Continental Resources has permission for five more horizontal wells. You should be getting all the mailings on these. If not, then contact

Lisa Alwert, Continental Resources, Inc., P.O. Box 269091, Oklahoma City, OK 73126, Telephone: (405) 234-9179.

Thank you!! Getting offers to sell at $30K an acre but don’t know how to evaluate that offer.

May I ask you what company is offering that I’m thinking of selling mine in 8/16/10 of Blaine co. My name is Larry if you need to call me at 405-371-8431 or text thank you

Sorry Larry. I must have missed this message. Got a few offers at that price. Not sure if you decided to sell your but we decided to keep our minerals.