Ford Shale, Lavaca County Texas

Quality and types of product coming from Ford shale, do I need to be specific about where in county to be able to guess quality and value. I hear about the following:

1.) Light ends.

2.) Sweet crude.

3.) Natural Gas. (BTU content required to be usable product?)

4.) Heavy crude (does this even come from the area?)

5.) Do we have H2S present in the Ford Shale product?

Comments woild be appreciated.



2. Low in sulfur

3. NG standard is sold at 1000 BTU/mcf. (I drilled a well in SW Kansas a long time ago that was less than 850. It would barely sustain a flame It was a geologic success and economic failure)

4. some of the more volatile components have burned off or oxidized.

5. Better hope not but each producing formation and area is different. Depends on what the hydrocarbons are formed from.