Forced Pooling, Unitization

I would like to start a discussion which will attempt to bring to light any news relating to current ‘forced pooling’ legislation. If anyone has news regarding the status of this issue in the legislature, or would like to post contact information for their representatives, for those who would like to contact them, it would be most welcome here. We need to protest this violation of our private property rights. I have drafted a letter that may be used as a template for anyone to use. Feel free to copy it, insert your county, and sign your name: As a resident of County, WV, I am writing to inform you of my opposition to any legislation that would support or advance the practice of seizure of private property in the form of ‘unitization’, ‘lease integration’, or ‘forced pooling’ of privately held mineral rights.

Legislation of this type is a violation of our constitutional rights regarding private property, and will strip landowners of their negotiation strength as well, should they be willing to lease their property. Sincerely,

Please pass along contact information for your local representatives.

contact info for reps: ‘Woody’ Ireland: Capitol Phone: (304) 340-3195 Home Phone: (304) 349-2957 Tim Armstead: Capitol Phone: (304) 340-3210 Home Phone: (304) 965-5169