Forced Pooling 10 10 9 or 15 10 9?

Had lease offers but company said they were going to force pool. Any cases yet?

Nothing filed in 10 or 15 yet, but all around that is active, so just a matter of time. 14 was pooled in June for $4600 3/16. $4500 1/5, $0 1/4 if that helps give you a ball park.

Thanks, that helps alot.

How would I go about finding out more information on who, what and where on the Sec 14 pooling in 10/09?

Jim Shaw

14-10N-9W pooling was finished on June 28, 2018. Case 201704738 with several orders, last one being 679733. TRP MidCon LLC is the operator. You can look up the case on the OCC website for all the details. Look it up by the Case #, not the order number to get the most information. Use the link.

Thank you for your help and reply.

Hi M_Barnes,

I was wondering if the pooling $ value is public information? If so, would you be kind enough to point me in the direction of where to find this information?

Yes, It is on the Oklahoma Corporation website. OAP

You have to know the case numbers to find each one. Which one do you want to know about? The OCC is doing some renovation, so find those numbers is a bit difficult right now.