Force Pooling - S34-T14N-R15W

I inherited some minerals from a family member and I think they were force pooled in the well drilled in 34-14N-15W back in 1979. I do not have access to Pangaea so I cannot search the pooling Order #. Can someone help me find the pooling order for the Iva 1-34 well? Thanks in advance!

Maybe contact Corp commission oklahoma

Craig: I have attached the pooling order by Davis Oil back in 1979. It is an older vintage so you have to go to the Commission to get a copy of the respondents that are subject to the Order. Use the CD# or Order # when talking with the staff at the Commission. Hope this helps. You can also contact Unit Petroleum's land &/or Division Order Dept. and they can help you with the "status" of your family member's interest, ie leased or pooled.

Todd M. Baker

592-3414N15WCusterCo..pdf (176 KB)