Followup on royalty payments

The mineral/royalty owners beware:

This is a little followup on where I sit today after having problems recieving royalties. Still have not recieved any royalties from (Oil and Gas Company from Oklahoma) as they have now attempted to say that my family is not entitled to monies from first production of well because of an amendment and that we are to recieve royalties after March of 2010; all of this is bogus! After arguing my case , it seems as if the employees are uneducated and are sc---ing alot of people who do not question what they are entitled to. If I had not stood up to, starting with the landman and on up, Then my family and everyone involved with these gas wells would have recieved pennies instead of dollars on production. I questioined every transaction and every transaction was WRONG. I have been of the phone for hours and hours with the company. I know that people are being ripped off all of the time and who would know except, the company, or someone who deals with oil and gas every day. Look for the simple things in your transaction and you will more than likely find a mistake in your dealings with the company. DO NOT trust the company. These people have had and still today are working with no supervision to keep them inline and they need to be educated and trained on how to correctly conduct oil and gas business. They also need to have a regulator of some sort to make sure that they are not ripping of the royalty owner. I know our government has no specific department for, but they need to form a branch to oversee these oil and gas people.

P.S. Just recieved a phone call from company that we are entitled to monies from first production. I guess well wait again and see what happens.

I have been through the sames mess, when they finally send you money they really cheat you. You then find out that they will not live up to their lease agreement, they steal and want get off your land. They never return your calls the Landman will have someone talk to you and make you mad. They act like it all belongs to them. Our leases have expired and they still want get off they have very little production on the property. We refuse to sign new leases so they send these sad checks ever so often so they can calm production to stay. Don’t trust the attorneys they only want to play with you and the oil and gas company’s. Most of them (attorneys) are being payed by the both of you. Stay with this anyway when you get some good money then go back and sue, sue, sue. We are almost their. Good Luck.

11/4/2010 update

Just received first royalty check and it only took 20 months from first production! Just to let you other royalty owners know how long it can take to receive your first check. This is a gas well in Johnson County Texas.