Following cases on the Oklahoma Corporation Comm website

Does the OCC website have a system for signing up for updates on cases related to my holdings? For example, I’m following the Kaiser Francis cause 202002009. Without having to go and check weekly, is there a way to receive automatic updates by cause number or by legal description? I have too many properties to follow everything manually.


That’s a good place to be- "

And a bad place to be- you have to do the work for yourself.

If you are properly listed in the County Clerk’s offices with up to date contact information, you will receive all the information you need in a timely manner so you don’t have to continue to monitor cases.

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The short answer is probably “nope”. If you are filed properly at the county, you will get snail mail when cases are settled. However, even though I have had the same post office box for decades, mail goes astray. And I have missed some poolings due to the delays. Quite irritating.

I check online weekly or more frequently using a subscription service which is expensive and I can search only my own, but worth it for the multiple cases I watch. There are at least two out there for a price.

You can get general email notifications daily, weekly, etc, but that would be more global for all activity and not specific to your particular cases. They do not have that capability yet.

Mineral owners are responsible for watching their own cases at least with the current technology.

No ma’am it does not have specific case notifications, but you can be notified of the Administrative hearings for each day or weekly by signing up for email notifications. It’s designed to be difficult for Joan and John Public to navigate, so only the oil and gas technical know for sure.

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