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Any activity to report in Floyd County in or around Section 24, Block D-2.


After checking the GIS Map I see no activity in the immediate area. To the northeast in A-215 a well(153-30231) was permitted in 2005 but I'm not sure that it was ever drilled:


Section 24 consists of 2 Abstract #'s(A-2447 and A-1658)for future reference to these minerals.

GIS Map of Floyd County Texas A-2447 and A-1658:

Clint Liles

Thanks Clint. My mother signed a mineral lease agreement for Section 24, Block D-2, A-2447 & A-1658 just recently. I was just checking out the area for drilling. Doesn't look like the operator is working in the area currently. Do you think they have a viable interest in actually drilling or just leasing up potential future interest?

Neil Wright


There is always the possibility they may be interested in drilling a wildcat well to test the area. Good luck.

Clint Liles

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