Flipping mineral rights

Is there any money to be made flipping mineral rights? If so is a realtor your best bet finding them?

Dear Mr. Hamilton,

Yes, significant dollars can be made trading mineral interests. Finding someone willing to sell can be difficult. My opinion is that all assets have a value, either in actual value or perceived value. This is capitalism in its purest sense - a willing buyer and a willing seller.

Trading minerals can be lucrative but finding a Realtor who is knowledgeable enough to help is unlikely. I know because I used to be an executive on a state-wide basis for a Realtor association. Further, real estate title companies typically won’t touch a title policy regarding minerals because it is just too complicated, is totally different from real estate title, and is beyond their area of expertise. A Realtor can put you on to property, but rarely can determine if mineral rights exists therewith. You can make an offer on any property subject to clear conveyance of minerals, but you will probably have to incur the expense youself as to research and proof of such.