Flippers and such

I have noticed an increase in letters from those wanting to buy yours and others mineral rights. Since the boom has slowed somewhat, this seems to be the norm for those wanting to better themselves financially. These companies want your minerals because they know eventually, prices will go up and monies will be paid. These buyers always make the letter sound as if you own say 100 acres but in reality you may only own a small portion.

One needs to watch out for their mineral rights because, some shady individuals are seeking out people and buying minerals through fraud. They are contacting people with the same name as the real owner and telling them they own mineral rights. The unknowing person signs the forms and gets paid then the company files papers at the courthouse. If "YOU" do not catch this fraud, your mineral interest will now belong to another according to the papers filed at the courthouse. The courthouse has no responsibility in making sure the filing is right. Getting them back in the right persons name takes awhile and if left uncovered, can cause many sleepless nights.

So, if you own minerals do your research and find out what you own. It takes a lot of work and if you are too busy, then hire someone. If you care enough to keep track of your minerals it will pay off down the road. Those who try to buy your minerals know what they are worth and the price they offer is only a small percentage of the real value. After all, there was a reason your family kept them for years and years. They knew they were worth something. They would sell the farm but, kept the minerals.

Those who get on this site and offer to buy should keep those posts to themselves. This site is about helping people not helping yourself.


Not everyone is a flipper, some buy and hold onto minerals, some interests have been passed down the family for more than 100 years. I too hate those companies that offer pennies on the dollar, but just because a person is a buyer, does not qualify them as a scammer.

This site is about helping others out, which includes helping them determine the fair market value of what they own, some find selling their minerals to be helpful too.

I guess the "such" in the title could fall into the other category. I think it would be safe to say that those buying up minerals are not buying them for their kids. They treat them as purely investment and making money. Great investment since there is no upkeep on them. I doubt, those who buy them, are planning on selling them in the near future. As far as fair market value, putting a price on an acre of mineral interest last year, today and next year would be a mere guess. Done


I can only speak for myself, but our FAMILY interests that I continue to build upon, are designated for ownership for the next three generations, the eldest member of the second generation, recently celebrated his third birthday. I will be six feet under ground by the time a forth generation is born, but until that time, our FAMILY interests cannot be sold to any member outside of the family.

Hindsight is 20/20, few thought there would be the value in minerals today that there is, but many are still reeling after buying Enron stock, you invest as you think is best at the time. In the 70s, people were selling their Ritchie County, Clay District minerals for less than 10.00 / NMA when the production income was less or equal to the property tax liability. Determining a Fair Market Value is not overly difficult, it simply requires research and effort to educate oneself.

Please do not lump all mineral buyers into the same category. Many of us have been buying for numerous years, have been paying property taxes on parcels without any production and continue to believe Oil, Gas & Minerals are a viable asset to include in their investment portfolio.

If Nancy from this site purchased minerals from someone willing to sell under their own volition, would that suddenly qualify her differently in your book and negate all of the assistance and education she has provided to countless people, including yourself? Would she instantly be 'about helping herself and not helping people'?

That is great that you are providing for future family. You are a very small percentage who is doing that. If you go back and read my original post, I posted about those companies sending letters out wanting to buy minerals. If that does not pertain to you then feel free to not respond. Bringing Nancy to this conversation is not necessary. She knows how I feel about her.