Flint fire clay in Missouri

I know this is probably not the correct place to post this but I can not find anywhere on this site or any site on the internet to get any information regarding my questions.

I own the surface rights and mineral rights on several hundred acres in Gasconade County MO. There is possibly a large amount of flint fire clay on the property. There are several companies interested in prospecting and mining it.

Where would I go to find the value and help with the leasing contracts?

Thanks in advance in anyone has any answers.



Send me a private message and I will give you the contact information of a retired mining lawyer/engineer who has done hundreds of mining leases. I've helped with some of them.

Or I can give you the name of two national law firm ins in St. Louis that I know to have mining lease expertise in their respective Denver offices.

With several hundred acres, you are wise to get help. Mining lease agreement terms are very different than oil and gas leases in primary term and measurement and payment of royalty. Gary L Hutchinson