Flatonia news ...on the new wells there

just wondering about the “new” wells in Flatonia ?? Does anyone know if they made a good well and if anymore are being drilled ?? and is there any leasing going on west of Flatonia ??

There is a new rig off of 609 and Salem Freyburg. No news on results from any in area. Anyone know???

Read the Fayette County Record article 7/15/2011, “water Quality Due Tests As Eagle Ford Fracking Grows”

Southern Bay Operating, LLC a wholly owned subsidiary of GeoResources, Inc. has drilled 3 wells in Fayette County. Two near Flatonia and one near the old Black Jack Springs townsite (near Salem-Freyburg road). The results of the two Flatonia wells have been announced and can be found at http://georesourcesinc.com/ in the 7/6/2011 Press Release "Operations Update". Southern Bay is currently preparing to drill additional wells in Fayette and the next will the Peebles Unit 1H be just southeast of Muldoon. Details for these wells can be found on the RRC GIS Map Viewer http://www.rrc.state.tx.us/data/online/gis/index.php# by entering the API number in the search by field.

Flatonia East Unit 1H. API 14933221

Flatonia East Unit 2H. API 14933222

Black Jack Springs Unit 1H. API 14933224

Peebles Unit 1H, API 14933228