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Does anyone know if the Flat Creek-Woods 2-H was ever frac’d? The oil sales on Woods 1-H are significantly higher volumes than 2-H The two well were originally operated by Arabella

Location would help get you an answer.

Reeves County, TX Block 51 T-8S Section 12

I don’t know. You would assume it was fracked. That would seem to be the whole point. I just glanced at the completion report, where they list a number of cement squeezes and say “not fracked” and suggest it may only be producing from the pre-perfed toe. So maybe not fracked due to mechanical issues. Its not very often that a fracked well actually starts at zero and inclines over a long period.

If you gotta know for sure, call Flat Creek under some pretense and ask them.

I see the production curve. This pictural semi log production data is cumulative volumes through time. It really does not tell me oil, gas and water volumes as to past history, I appreciate your comments. Please let me know how I can upload, view production data. The curve you sent me happen to be pulled from the RRC web site. Again thanks for the information.

That curve is rate vs time. That is your volume history. Its not from the RRC website. And yeah, its inclining for whatever reason so I get why you think it might be cumulative volumes.

You asked if it was fracked. No, doesn’t appear so. You can find production on RRC website but its only on a lease, not a well, basis.

The decline curve on the Woods #2-H operated by Flat Creek Resources is just volumes for this well. Do you happen to have access to the initial well Woods #1-H drilled and completed in this section ( Section 12, BLK 51-T8s) the Woods #1-H. If so I would appreciate if you could forward the decline curve to me.

I have worked somewhat the RRC commision web site, but does it happen to provide when a drilling permit is filled on mineral acreage that I own? I probably will to have to check every once in a while. Thanks

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