Fisher County,TX

I inherited a % of rights a couple years ago to a larger parcel of acres(330) & a smaller parcel(30). The larger I received bonus for right after signing with one company. No issue! This 2nd parcel I signed the lease about 8 or 9 months ago & still nothing! I have even worked with one of their people over this time helping prove ownership & the last I heard they still haven’t finished it! The first company estimated right off the bat an approximate signing bonus without verification of exactly what % I own. The 2nd company said they won’t pay until they know the exact % despite their paperwork guaranteeing me bonus within 60 days of signing!
Is this normal? I’m quite honestly getting annoyed that they haven’t paid! I wish I had signed both parcels with the 1st company! Just seems like they are dragging this out too long.

Hi NJGirl…I would tell the company the lease is null and void because they didn’t honor their 60 day agreement. Hopefully you have an attorney who negotiated the lease for you?

As for Fisher County, we were approached by Copperhead Resources about mineral interests we own there. We forwarded their contact info to our attorney. When we know more I’ll post their terms.

Good luck NJGirl.

Next time, never hand over a lease without getting paid. I send a scanned copy of my lease that has been signed and notarized, but marked across in big bold letters “COPY DO NOT FILE”, (especially over the signatures and on every page) to the lessee. They know I have signed the lease. I have my attorney or my accountant hold the actual original lease. When the check is delivered to the third party, the lease is handed over. I send them a cover letter and say if the lease is not paid for within xx days, it will be returned to me from the third party and I will tear it up. That way it does not get filed without me getting paid.

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Excellent advise ! This helps everyone !!! Thank you for always being so helpful !

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