Fisher County, TX Land Man

Seeking Land Man for information on Oil Lease proposal in Northeast McCaulley area. Thank you, JJ Brown

Whats your offer and legal description?

West 320 Acres of Section 8, Block E 1/16th of 320 A, split 3 ways = 1/48th.
Lease $500. Sell $3333.33.

Lessor is 5L Properties of Breckenridge, TX

You’re pretty close to some good horizontal production. I’ve see some isopach maps that still have you in pay. I would never sell, but I think 100-200 an acre and 20% is fair. I’d enquire about what they plan to do, because this is a vertical play and 5L only operates vertical holes.

Thank you. How can you tell this is a vertical play. Please educate me.

JJ did 5L offer $500. per NMA to lease?

What can you tell me about SW/4 Section 58, Block 1, HT & B Survey, Fisher Co. Tx. in regards to isopach maps.

Eddy, Yes, offer was $5500 per NMA to Lease. What was 5L’s offer to you?

OOOOPs $500, not $5500. Darn!

We Leased to them in January of 2020 for $50.00 NMA. Before all the horizonal activity. Thank Yoy JJ

In the 100-150 gross. You just got two permits to the east of you.

This sand is a tight reservoir that was not very good vertically. Peregrine, Cholla, Browning/Clearfork and others have been drilling this horizontally. You have a few permits (the same as Gibson) to the south of you. Should be the same play.

Thank you, I am assuming that the 100-150 is thickness of formation?

Yes sir, the strawn sands.

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