Fisher county drilling

Does anyone know if there is drilling in Section 204 Or Section 163 or 164 0f. Block 2 In Fisher county

Hello Jean. I see where Arrington Oil and Gas has a horizontal well they spud May 4, 2022 in Section 205 and ending in Section 162. I see no activity in Sections 204, 163 or 164/Blk 2. Also Arrington completed an injection well in July 2022 in Section 202/Blk 2.–hma1UGa1thSOod6Hx6t90IYZEoDd_uwI8vVWagtqhsvZZzVgpuY9ZZt-279QLNF8QAG8lwbmJDBEzWuiweXpmEy7Q8GvcDX_Yu1cK8I4u_pG-xtQ3x14r95wLFc9k1WEUbJQo25fOka1WiE2Ahx-_ouaX4DkYd_7l0CAAA

Arrington Oil and Gas well # API 151-33251/Spud May 4, 2022:


Here is what the Railroad Commission currently shows in the area you described. Other than some old dry holes there doesn’t appear to be any drilling activity nearby.

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